300 Services With One Franchise

By taking our GST Service Franchise, you can earn up to Rs. 50,000 to One lakh every month easily through our 300+ In-demand Services.  These services can be cumulatively added each month as you get noticed for the excellent service you can render through the expertise of our professional teams. You can charge a good margin from your customer. For example, you charge Rs.500 for doing a Nil Return to the customer, but the work is done for just Rs. 100 by Kendra. See the profit. Amazing right? These services are normally needed by people and business communities daily.  So, take a bold step, and get our GST Service Franchise today for a better life and future.


  1. GST Registration
  2. GST Return filing
  3. ITR
  4. MSME Registration
  5. DSC ( Signature/Token)
  6. Company Registration/Partnership
  7. Food license
  8. Trademark
  9. Amendment
  10. GST surrender, GST amendment, GST migration from regular to composition, GST Revocation.




  1. AEPS withdrawal
  2. Aadhar Pay
  3. Money Transfer


  1. New Pan Card
  2. Duplicate Pan Card
  3. Correction & Changes in Pan card


  1. Buy Digital Gold


  1. Flight
  2. Hotel
  3. Bus
  4. Train (Separate Dongle Needed)


  1. Apply for New Credit Card
  2. Saving account Opening
  3. Pay Visa Credit Card Bills
  4. Pay Master Credit Card Bills

Cash Collection

  1. Collect Cash (Ola, Zomato 100+ Companies)

Insurance Premium

  1. Pay LIC Insurance Premium
  2. Pay Other Insurance Premium

Pay Loan EMI


  1. Recharge any mobile/DTH
  2. Fast-Tag Recharges
  3. Pay Subscription Netflix, Sony, Zee5, Amazon Prime, etc.

Bill Payments (32 Services)

  1. Broadband Postpaid
  2. Cable TV
  3. Clubs and Associations
  4. Credit Card
  5. Education Fees
  6. Electricity
  7. Gas
  8. Health Insurance
  9. Hospital and Pathology
  10. Housing Society
  11. Insurance
  12. Landline Postpaid
  13. Life Insurance
  14. Loan EMI
  15. LPG Gas
  16. Mobile Postpaid
  17. Municipal Taxes
  18. Water
  19. Videocon D2H
  20. Airtel DTH
  21. Dish TV
  22. Sun Direct TV
  23. Tata Sky
  24. Fastag
  25. AIRTEL Mobile Prepaid
  26. BSNL Mobile Prepaid
  27. JIO Mobile Prepaid
  28. MTNL Mumbai Mobile Prepaid
  29. MTNL Delhi Mobile Prepaid
  30. VI Mobile Prepaid
  31. Municipal Service
  32. Subscription



  1. Website (1 Page Website for GSK)
  2. GSK Multi Page Website
  3. E-Commerce Website
  4. Visiting Card (Only Soft Copy)
  5. Brochure (1 Page) (Only Soft Copy)
  6. Pamphlet (Only Soft Copy)
  7. Logo Design (Only Soft Copy)
  8. Listing in 10 Local Websites
  9. City Wise SEO Promotion
  10. Social Media Pages Creation
  11. SSL Certificate
  12. Facebook Ads Set-Up
  13. Google Ads Set-Up


  1. Instant Loan
  2. Home Loan
  3. Vehicle Loan
  4. Personal loan
  5. Business Loan
  6. Loan Against property


  1. Udyam Registration
  2. Gem Registration
  3. Registration Under Shop
  4. Director Identification Number (DIN)
  5. Tax Deduction Account (TAN) Registration
  6. Nidhi Company Registration
  7. Section 8 Company Registration
  8. Balance Sheet & Profit Loss Account
  9. CA Certification
  10. Monthly – Accounting Package
  11. Yearly – Accounting Package
  12. Import Export Code
  13. Trademark Registration

100+ Services


  1. Car Insurance
  2. TwoWheeler Insurance
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Term Insurance
  5. Travel Insurance
  6. Critical Insurance
  7. Child Insurance
  8. Investment
  9. Pension


  1. Sale by Card (Debit Card / Credit Card)
  2. Sale by Cash
  3. UPI Payment
  4. VOID
  5. Micro ATM (Only Debit Card)
  6. Domestic Money Transfer
  7. Aadhaar-Enabled Payment System
  8. Bill Payment
  9. Recharges


(GSTN – GSP Approved License)

GST Promotional Material ( Hard Copy of GSK Certificate, Soft Copies of Banner, Visiting Card, Letter Head, and Pamphlets.)

GSK Engagement Services like Money Transfer, AEPS, Travel, Recharge, Bill Payments, Insurance, etc. to gain maximum clients and save the initial cost of the GSK Owner.

Ongoing recurring income on GST and other Tax Related services.

24/7 Help-Desk Support & Relationship Manager. Training and Important Announcements.

Interactive CRM to order along with a checklist of each service. Commission Payments twice in a month.

Competitive Service Pricing.  You can charge 2-4 times our charges from your clients and still remain cheap for them.



Getting a Trademark registration is a tedious process.  We have mechanisms that can speed up the process, which is essential especially when you are at a starting stage,  where time is important.

A trademark is usually a word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination that identifies and distinguishes the origin of one party’s goods. The service mark resembles a trademark that identifies and distinguishes the source of the service rather than the goods.

The trademark owner is the party that controls the nature and quality of the goods and services used in connection with the brand. The trademark owner is the person who applies the mark to the goods they produce, or the mark used in the advertising or sale of the services they perform.

Once registered, the same symbol or series of words cannot be permanently used by any other organization until it is in use and the correct paperwork and fees are paid.

Trademark is an important step in protecting your brand identity. This prevents competitors from hunting down your customers by copying your brand. If those copycats do something reputable, it will give you some protection.

The government fee for each application is approximately Rs. 4000. If a person is registering his brand or logo under multiple categories, he will pay Rs. 4000 per entry

There are 3 Types of Trademarks

Unregulated and fictitious trademarks.
Indicated trademark.
Descriptive trademark.

A phrase, word, symbol, device, or color is also entitled to a trademark. It is worth separating your party or company item from another. However, the item must be used in a business setting to be protected by law. Trademarks have a 10-year protection period

Note: While Trademark registration, you need pay a government fee and processing fee

Our Services.

  1. Trademark Registration – Individual
  2. Trademark Registration for other than individual
  3. Getting 50% concession in government when applying for trademark registration
  4. Trademark objection
  5. Trademark hearing
  6. Getting opposition on trademark



Local Marketing and Advertisement 






Local marketing is all about marketing your business to an audience within a geographic radius around you – like people in your neighborhood or your city. By focusing on a specific area, you begin to build awareness of your products and services in the market closest to you.

Local marketing is done through various means. Like contacting consumers through emails, hosting events, or even advertisements placed in area-specific newspapers and tabloids.

It is mainly done for small-scale businesses such as local stores and restaurants which are usually confined to a single location only.

Sometimes business with 2-3 locations ( franchised businesses) also works as local market employe with a similar strategy to expand their businesses in regional or national marketing service.

Customers that make local marketing effective

Local marketing emphasizes repeat customer agenda in the vicinity of that business’s location. The absolute radius to be covered by businesses employed is about 10 miles. This area radius might get reduced where traffic and neighborhood density is high.

This repeat business can be of a great deal when your business location attracts more and more customers by creating “mental maps” of your business in their minds and this could be achieved by making your store quickly accessible.

Advertisement plays a vital role in expanding the local market as new businesses enter the market while some others get closed, so new businesses need to maintain their customer by doing ads and campaigns for their store in that particular area, also which will update the mental maps of the customer.

How to do a campaign in the local market?

To grow your business or awareness about your product campaigning plays a very important role. There are various methods to campaign for your brand or your product in the local market. Here are a few proven steps.

  • To announce an open sale of your product. Doing this it will capture people’s attention and people get attracted to it.
  • Promoting your product through the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Spend money on hosting events, such as
    • Hosting local area sports events
    • Sponsoring a local sports team

Advertisement is defined as a vehicle to convey and message related to the product, and this can be possible only with the help of advertisement. In other words, advertisement is to attract or influence other people towards your product.

The advertisements need to be published when people are not aware of your product. In the present era, advertisements are done basically via television, Google AdWords, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Our Services to boost Local Marketing for you.

  • Listing in 10 Local Websites
  • City Wise SEO Promotion
  • Google Ads Set-Up – One-time
  • Facebook Ads Set-Up – One Time
  • Social Media Pages Creation



Website design

With a website of your choice, we provide the following:

1 Page Website + Domain + Hosting + 1 Business Email + Logo Design

E-Commerce Website + Domain + Hosting + 1 Business Email + Logo + 20 Pages

SSL ( Security for Websites on request)




Website (1 Page Website for GSK) 1   ₹3500  
E-Commerce Website 1   ₹11000  
SSL Certificate 1   ₹1000  
Logo Design (Only Soft Copy) 1   ₹500  
Visiting Card (Only Soft Copy) 1   ₹500  
Brochure (1 Page) (Only Soft Copy) 1   ₹500  
Pamphlet (Only Soft Copy) 1   ₹500  
Listing in 10 Local Websites 1   ₹500  
City Wise SEO Promotion 1   ₹3000  
Google Ads Set-Up – One-time 1   ₹3000  
Facebook Ads Set-Up – One Time 1   ₹3000  
Social Media Pages Creation 1   ₹500  
Support For Website 1   ₹500  
Content Writing 1   ₹500  
Seo Optimization 1  


Additional Image 1   ₹500  
Custom Website Package 1   ₹1000



E-way Bill

An E-way bill has to be generated by the supplier If there is the movement of an item (goods) from one state to another or within the same state. It is essential for the supplier to make this bill for the transit of goods in order to come under the purview of GST.

What happens in the E-way bill?

In this bill, details of suppliers, transport, and recipients are given. If the goods movement is being carried out from one state to another or within the same state and its price is more than Rs 50,000, then the supplier will have to register the information in the GSTN portal.

The period for which the E-Way bill is valid:

For how many days after this E-way bill is created, is also determined by the number of kilometers the goods has moved. If the movement of goods (items) is up to 100 km, then this bill is valid for only one day. If its movement is between 100 and 300 km, then the bill will be valid for 3 days, 5 days for 300 to 500 km, 10 days for 500 to 1000 km, and 15 days for the movement of goods for more than 1000 km.

The seller has to give information:

Under the E-way bill, the seller (seller of the item) will have to give information about which item he is selling, while the person who bought it will have to give information on the GSTIN portal that he has either purchased or rejected it. However, if no reply is provided then it will be assumed that the goods have been accepted by the buyer.

What will happen in case of an accident:

Suppose the vehicle in which the goods are being transported from one state to another is the victim of an accident, the goods after transferring to another vehicle, a new E-way bill has to be generated.

How the E-way bill works:

When you (the vendor) upload the E-way Bill on the GSTN portal, a unique E-way number (EBN) is generated. It will be for all the three parties involved, the supplier, the transporter, and, and the recipient.

Goods of several companies in one truck:

Suppose the goods of several companies are transported on the same truck, then the transporter will have to make a consolidated E-way bill. Within this bill, there should be separate details of the goods of each of the suppliers.

Contact us for E-Way Bill Service.

IEC – Import Export Code

IEC – Import Export Code is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). It is a 10-digit number given to exporters to engage in foreign trade. The central government plays an important role in the import and export business in India.

The government of India has framed certain terms and conditions for applying for the Import Export Code with the DGFT. There are several regional DGFT offices spread across the country to apply for this code.

Every entrepreneur wants to build his business and take it to a higher level. For this one has to first grow his business in the domestic market and then spread globally. Spreading business globally is not an easy task as there are pre-defined processes, rules, and government regulations to follow. First is, getting the 10-digit IEC – Import Export Code from the DGFT valid for a lifetime.

Import-Export Registration

Documents required for getting the Import Export Code.

  1. Adhar card
  2. PAN card
  3. GSTN code
  4. Bank account
  5. Passport-size photo

Government fees of Rs. 250 plus applicable service charges are to be paid in advance to Suvidha Kendra to initiate the process.