Getting a Trademark registration is a tedious process.  We have mechanisms that can speed up the process, which is essential especially when you are at a starting stage,  where time is important.

A trademark is usually a word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination that identifies and distinguishes the origin of one party’s goods. The service mark resembles a trademark that identifies and distinguishes the source of the service rather than the goods.

The trademark owner is the party that controls the nature and quality of the goods and services used in connection with the brand. The trademark owner is the person who applies the mark to the goods they produce, or the mark used in the advertising or sale of the services they perform.

Once registered, the same symbol or series of words cannot be permanently used by any other organization until it is in use and the correct paperwork and fees are paid.

Trademark is an important step in protecting your brand identity. This prevents competitors from hunting down your customers by copying your brand. If those copycats do something reputable, it will give you some protection.

The government fee for each application is approximately Rs. 4000. If a person is registering his brand or logo under multiple categories, he will pay Rs. 4000 per entry

There are 3 Types of Trademarks

Unregulated and fictitious trademarks.
Indicated trademark.
Descriptive trademark.

A phrase, word, symbol, device, or color is also entitled to a trademark. It is worth separating your party or company item from another. However, the item must be used in a business setting to be protected by law. Trademarks have a 10-year protection period

Note: While Trademark registration, you need pay a government fee and processing fee

Our Services.

  1. Trademark Registration – Individual
  2. Trademark Registration for other than individual
  3. Getting 50% concession in government when applying for trademark registration
  4. Trademark objection
  5. Trademark hearing
  6. Getting opposition on trademark



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