DSC – Digital Signature Certificate

DSC – Digital Signature Certificate is an electronic device as a digital key issued to an authorized person, whose full information is encoded in the device in digital formats, like his full name, his address, city, Pincode, country, email address, and the date of issue of the certificate.

A Digital Signature Certificate is divided into several classes depending on its intended use. These are, Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 certificates.

Only a licensed Certification Authority (CA) issues a Digital Signature Certificate. Certification Authority (CA) means a person licensed under Section 24 of the Indian IT Act 2000 to issue a Digital Signature Certificate.

E-Mudra is a licensed Certification Authority (CA) recognized by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India and it has issued over 50 million certificates to date. There are other Certification Authorities also for issuing Digital Signature Certificates. They are The Code Solutions, The National Informatics Center, SafeCrypt, and The Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology.

Let us briefly discuss each of the DSC classes and their significance.

Class 1 certificate- This certificate is issued to a person who is a private subscriber and it is used to fully authenticate his email address and username. These two data are stored in the database of the CA.

Class 2 certificate– This certificate is issued to a Director of the company or a person authorized to sign. This certificate is used to submit at Registrar of Companies = ROC. This certificate is mandatory for all persons filing returns of ROC.

Class 3 certificate– This certificate is used for the purpose of filling online tenders and auctions. Users with Category 3 certificates can fill out all online tenders and sit through auction venues anywhere in India.

Benefits of DSC

  • Individuals who obtain a Digital Signature Certificate save a lot on cost and time. Instead of submitting any evidence about himself, he can submit a PDF copy of the DSC.
  • A Digital Signature Certificate can be trusted by any authority as all data contained in that certificate is valid and verified.

Points to remember

  1. A Digital Signature Certificate is issued only for one to two years. Thereafter, the user or certificate owner shall periodically apply for re-issuance of the DSC.
  2. A person should have two types of Digital Signature Certificates, one for professional use and the other for personal use.
  3. The importance of this document is that it can be used as proof or evidence in law courts.

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