E-way Bill

An E-way bill has to be generated by the supplier If there is the movement of an item (goods) from one state to another or within the same state. It is essential for the supplier to make this bill for the transit of goods in order to come under the purview of GST.

What happens in the E-way bill?

In this bill, details of suppliers, transport, and recipients are given. If the goods movement is being carried out from one state to another or within the same state and its price is more than Rs 50,000, then the supplier will have to register the information in the GSTN portal.

The period for which the E-Way bill is valid:

For how many days after this E-way bill is created, is also determined by the number of kilometers the goods has moved. If the movement of goods (items) is up to 100 km, then this bill is valid for only one day. If its movement is between 100 and 300 km, then the bill will be valid for 3 days, 5 days for 300 to 500 km, 10 days for 500 to 1000 km, and 15 days for the movement of goods for more than 1000 km.

The seller has to give information:

Under the E-way bill, the seller (seller of the item) will have to give information about which item he is selling, while the person who bought it will have to give information on the GSTIN portal that he has either purchased or rejected it. However, if no reply is provided then it will be assumed that the goods have been accepted by the buyer.

What will happen in case of an accident:

Suppose the vehicle in which the goods are being transported from one state to another is the victim of an accident, the goods after transferring to another vehicle, a new E-way bill has to be generated.

How the E-way bill works:

When you (the vendor) upload the E-way Bill on the GSTN portal, a unique E-way number (EBN) is generated. It will be for all the three parties involved, the supplier, the transporter, and, and the recipient.

Goods of several companies in one truck:

Suppose the goods of several companies are transported on the same truck, then the transporter will have to make a consolidated E-way bill. Within this bill, there should be separate details of the goods of each of the suppliers.

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